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Coach Bob's early years

Coach Bob was the starting second baseman and shortstop relief for the Springfield Trade High School Challengers. He played the 1954 and 1955 seasons before leaving school. In 1955 the team won the Massachusetts state championship. They came in second in the New England district play off.

Safe at 1st

Bob McCarthy (22) avoids being picked off by Technical High School Warriors pitcher Derek Hertch (12) to first baseman Jamie Roman (30) in 1955 city championship.


*1994-Arrowhead t-ball-Ass't Coach
*1995-Arrowhead Orioles-Ass't Coach
*1996-Arrowhead Orioles-Ass't Coach
*1997-Arrowhead Orioles-Ass't Coach
*1997-Arrowhead All Stars-Ass't Coach
*1998-KPB Mustang Reds-Principal Coach.
*1998-Fall Bronco Navy-Coach
*1999-Bronco Orioles-Principal Coach.
*1999-Fall Bronco Green-Coach.
*2000-Bronco Orioles-Manager.
*2000-Fall-Pony Yankees-Manager.
*2001-Pony Dodgers-Principal Coach.
*2001-Pony Red Allstars-Business Manager.
*2001-Fall Pony Lugnuts-Manager.
*2002-Pony Dodgers-Principal Coach.
*2003-Colt Pirates - Coach.
*2003-Fall-Colt J.V.-Manager
*2004-Fall-Colt J.V.-Manager
*2005-KRA Red Sox-Manager
*2005-KPB Kempsville River Cats-Manager
*2005-Fall All-Star team-Manager
*2006-KRA Red Sox-Manager
*2009- Pony Braves-Ass't Coach

Meet The Coach

Coach Bob McCarthy coached at Kempsville Pony Baseball from 1997 through 2004. Before moving to K.P.B. he coached with the Arrowhead Rec League. From 2004 to 2006 Coach Bob coached for the Kempsville Rec. Association. In 2007 Coach Bob retired from coaching. In 2009 Coach Kyle McCarthy asked Coach Bob to assist with the Pony Braves. Coach Bob will be assisting with the Braves this season.